Tyler Cowen on why Germany should be rich vs. deliberately poor

Due to the time I took in writing up my earlier post, the blogosphere news cycle is a few steps ahead of me. Tyler Cowen offers a response to Chris' post that is concise and to the point:

It is not my belief that the Germans will be consumed with envy. I do think that a) the Germans will be missing out on some wonderful gains, b) there is no real standard for "a satisfactory level of well-being," c) a poorer Germany will be much less able to help the truly desperate parts of the world, if only by accepting immigrants, d) this is not a long-run political equilibrium in Germany, and e) at the global level, it is important that Western and European values are prominent, and this does require good or at least a decent growth performance. Furthermore it is possible to believe a)-e) without seeing status games in relatively healthy Western societies as zero or negative sum.


edited to add: just noticed that Brandon Berg and I are sharing the same brain.

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