Don\'t Give Up On Lunar Water Yet

While it has no direct relation to libertarianism other than being about (hopefully) upcoming frontier, I think it's worth mentioning that the "door on the debate" about water ice at the lunar poles has most certainly *not* been "closed", breathless press releases notwithstanding.

To sum up for people who don't want to read a two page article that, while directed at a lay audience, is full of technical details, but who may have seen the headline from the Arecibo group's aforementioned press release:

"In contrast to some recent claims, this debate is still open and nothing has occurred in the last few years to cause participants in the debate to abandon their positions."

"No single piece of evidence for lunar ice is decisive, but I think the preponderance of evidence indicates that water ice exists in permanently dark areas near the poles."

And even if there turns out not to be water:

"Although polar ice is important, it is not a requirement to successfully live and work on the Moon. The poles of Moon are primarily attractive due to the near-permanent sunlight found in several areas."

"The Moon is not a hostile, barren rock in space—it is humanity’s stepping-stone into the Solar System."

Not to say that we need NASA to get there; I just don't want anyone thinking that going to the moon is pointless just because certain people are more interested in publicity than in actual science.

Disclaimer: I'm CIO of Masten Space Systems, who will eventually offer you the service of getting your butt to the moon (and more near-term of getting your stuff to space), thus making me millions, nay, billions of dollars. If you go. So go.

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