Scott Adams on voting for self-image

If you haven't checked out Scott Adams blog, please do - it's fabulous. I liked Dilbert, but when is writing is unconstrained by the tiny panes of a comic, it is even better. Yesterday, he advised his California readers to vote for Prop 87 (tax on gas which pays for renewable energy research) purely in order to stoke their self-image:

But how cool would it be to wake up in the morning and know that you might be saving the world. It’s way better than producing The Polar Express and very nearly as good as impregnating Elizabeth Hurley. And best of all, the plan might work. There is some realistic possibility – albeit a tiny one – that Steve Bing IS saving the world.

And that means that I might be saving the world. And I have to tell you that it feels pretty cool.

Of course, he's wrong about the latter - any tax on gas will be passed directly through to the consumer. But why bother to learn economics when you can just vote for pleasure?

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