Assigning Costs to Global Warming

See this as a starting reference point.

I don't have any idea of how to assign costs to global warming, but I have even less confidence in the people who say they do.

It might be useful to determine what mitigation would be justified by specific future misadventures.

Assume that we get a message from an alien spacecraft that wants protection money now to prevent a specific damage that it will otherwise cause when it passes by in the year 2100. (Ignore the reality that money is useless to the aliens and is almost costless to produce.)

How much...?

1. Would we pay today to prevent the UN building from being razed in 2100?

2. Would we pay to prevent the destruction of General Electric's world headquarters in 2100, where ever it happens to be? What would GE pay?

3. Would we pay today to prevent the destruction of all of Intel's current production facilities in 2100? What would Intel pay?

4. Would we pay today to prevent the aliens from harmlessly placing the earth in a state of suspended animation in 2100, losing only the economic growth of that year?

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