Psychological Egoism

Consider a nasty psychopathic character like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho or Alex from A Clockwork Orange, who cares not a whit for other people and viciously abuses them for his own amusement whenever he can get away with it. He's a prudent predator, an egoist who only refrains from abusing others when he expects to be punished for it.

Now say some clever scientist, considering him a danger to society, knocks out our sociopathic subject and plants a small device in his head -- call it the Artificial Conscience (TM) -- that will cause him intense pain every time the thinks about harming someone. In order to avoid crippling pain, our subject learns to be a much less abusive person. Note that his motives in reforming himself are entirely self-interested. (Note also that this could be inverted so that rather than feeling pain when he considers abusing people, he gets a shot of endorphins from behaving benevolently.)

Now: in what way is a normal conscience disanalogous from an artificial one?

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