Mom Kills Person Trying to Take Her Baby Away

Somehow I'm not moved to feel sorry for this dead social worker. Unfortunately, it probably means either Kentucky social workers are going to start using guns for the purpose of taking people's kids away, or that they're simply not going to allow said parents to visit their own children once the kids have been taken.

I'm not really sure if any level of State ability to take children away from parents is worth it. As soon as you allow the State to decide whether a parent is suited to care for a child, you've opened a huge loophole for the majority to oppress minorities, for example by forcing parents to expose their children to State-approved brainwashinglearning in the government indoctrination centersschools.

While I can imagine cases where a child might be better off even with bad State care, my gut feeling is that a child who becomes a ward of the State is more likely to be worse off than better off than if they stayed in their parents. Perhaps a better solution would be to deal with the kinds of problems parents might run into better, for example by legalizing drugs so that parents can deal with their own problems openly without fear of prosecution rather than going to jail. Easier emancipation as suggested by DDF would also help, though obviously not with an infant as in this case.

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