A Challenge For a Libertarian Democrat, An Update

Since I posted my challenge last Tuesday, I've been a little sidetracked and unable to keep up with the fractured debates; but I'm trying to get caught up and have been looking mainly at Kos, where Freedom Democrat's Logan Ferree has been doing the Lord's work. He posted my challenge at Kos and has been debating the issue like it was his job. As far as I have been able to read, no one has come close to addressing the issue, mosly sidetracking the debate with historical libertarian caricatures.

I don't know much about this Logan fellow, but, regardless of where we might disagree, he Gets It. An example - someone asks:

Do they really think that eliminating the police department is going to reduce crime? That's essentially what they're arguing.

To which he responds:

What if the cost of maintaing a police system were higher than the cost of the counterproductive activities?

Yes. That is exactly the point; if all this regulation that the Kosites love so much is creating more corporate power than it is supposedly checking, what good is it? Maybe my side is wrong in this "chicken or the egg" debate, but, from my reading so far, the other side won't even address the possibility.

Here, by the way, are the debate thread at various sites:
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