Neither a Hoor[1] nor a Goomah be

Oh no! Now the Democrats have done to Jim Henley what the Republicans did to Glenn Reynolds last year.

I won't blame the victims here; I think the effort to 'go Blue' was worth a shot, given the traditional remedy of American politics is to vote in the Other party when the Current party has gotten too evil/lazy/mendacious to warrant the office. And like with the Iraq war, in theory the idea that replacing the old wicked regime with something new would give us a better outcome going forward is not a priori false. Unfortunately, like with the Iraq war, the people we're relying on to (a) undertake this regime change and (b) do better than the previous regime are themselves demonstrably corrupt, spineless, and, worse, the architects of most of the bad ideas we've had implemented in the past 6 years.

The problem with the whole idea of seeking salvation from the Democrats is summed up well by the question asked by Jim to the neolibertarians re: the Republican party: (with judicious find & replace)

Is there anything whatsoever that left libertarians favor that the rest of the Democratic coalition does not where you have gotten or expect to get your way? Remember, ending the war doesn’t count. The progressives want that and the DLC wants that. They matter. Ditto for gay marriage. I’m talking about something that left libertarians hold dear that progressives and/or the DLC types oppose, where the will of the left libertarians prevails.

Its as fair a question to those libertarians who say "go team Blue" as to those who say "go team Red," after all.

What is worse, though, is that while I believe Jim is correct that Neolibertarians are to the Republicans as African Americans are to the Democrats, its equally true that left libertarians aren't even considered part of the Democratic coalition. If neolibertarians (and libertarianish/small government Republicans) are the mistreated goomahs of the Republicans, left libertarians are the strippers in the VIP room of the Democrats. They aren't even bought dinner, or little trinkets, or even given a "hey baby, you know I care about you," just a pump & run. Neolibertarians at least have *something* in common with Republicans.

I mean, I get 205 google instances of 'fuck propertarians' (that means you, too, left libertarians) from lefty sites, 105 instances of 'fuck libertarians' (though without the quotes, its 1.6 million, but that's obviously misleading...), and thats just surface googling. Really, the party planks say it all. Nanny statism, more petty harassment by government, more war (just against nations that can't fight back, ala the bleats and wails for intervention in Haiti, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, anwhere with poor and lightly armed brown folk), protectionism, higher taxes with even higher spending (to leave us, on net, exactly where we left off), and the official call for greater central management of the economy and explicit class warfare.

And if the grossly illiberal official nature of the latter day Democratic party weren't enough, there's the empirical record in the past 6 years. The only time they've ever gone to the mattresses to stop the Republicans has been... once over a few federal judges. More often than not, libertarian sympathetic judges, too. In every other case of Republican perfidy, the senate Democrats have rolled over and played dead. Ditto for those in the house. Because, deep down, they want the executive to have that power.[2]

This is why the idea of the 'institutional' idea of voting in gridlock will fail. Because of the old bugaboo that correlation does not imply causation, when both parties are (now) literally indistinguishable in their actions to increase the power of the government to do whatever it wants to whomever it chooses, there is no difference who is in charge. We can't vote in gridlock.

fn1. Jersey mob pronunciation of 'whore' and 'comare', respectively.

fn2. Which should by rights scare the shit out of conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians alike.

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