End of an Era 2

Last week, I wrote a somewhat self-indulgent post lamenting the end of an era, as Randolph-Macon Woman's College voted to go coed. Now I see that about 1/3 of the current students have been refusing to attend class or eat in the dining hall to protest the decision. (Odd, isn't it, how willing students are to sacrifice for a good cause. I mean, skipping class and not eating dining hall food. Oh, the humanity!)

Now a group of alumnae is threatening to sue the college. Reports one student

We don't want to litigate, but we don't see any other choice at the moment

Hmmm. I've a suggestion. Since the decision to go coed is a financial one, then maybe instead of forcing your cash strapped college to defend itself in court, thus worsening its financial situation, you could instead, you know, actually raise some money for the college. Maybe you could start by using all the money you were going to use to sue the school.

Maybe in the future RMWC should require all its students to take an economics course.

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