Traveler's warning for San Francisco

Warning for all blog readers and decent, state-fearing folk- a radical band of east coast provacateurs has been reported operating in the San Francisco / Bay Area. The latest report on the ground is that this radical cell will be meeting somewhere downtown on Saturday, September 16. Honest citizens should beware that this group is armed with philosophy, economics, and copious amounts of alcohol. To aid in recognition, here are the latest known pictures of these dastardly villains:

Jonathan Wilde

Reclusive leader, rhetorical swordsman

Brian W. Doss

Mad scientist, evil hand issues

Dave Masten

Hermit from the (Mojave) Desert

Trent "Moff" McBride

Developer, Alan Parsons Project 'super laser'

Sean Lynch

Technical expert, intermittent explosive blogging

Patri Friedman

Googleplex mole/infiltrator

Dr. Nick Weininger

Lefty blog comment infiltrator

Scott Scheule

Master of disguise, plastic surgery/enhancement

Matt McIntosh

Wizard, Canadian

and the most dangerous:

Brandon Berg

Master of Fugue

(but seriously folks, if you're in the SF downtown area, drop us a line in the comments if you wish to join the conspiracy. :) )

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