The End of an Era

From the files of, "This won't really interest anyone but me" comes this news that Randolph-Macon Woman's College has voted to go coed.

I don't have any sort of libertarian or non-libertarian spin to put in this fact. This just seemed a nice place to lament the passage of a fine single-sex institution. I, too, am a product of a single-sex college (yes, that probably explains a lot). I attended Hampden-Sydney College back in the early '90s, graduating in '94. Hampden-Sydney, located near beautiful Farmville, VA, is one of the oldest colleges in the United States, and is one of only two all-male liberal arts colleges still open. HSC students have long made the 45-minute road trip to RMWC (as well as the somewhat longer trips to the other three women's colleges in VA) for parties and companionship. Sometimes we'd actually even go because RMWC is, you know, a college and actually has things like lectures and concerts. But mostly we went because RMWC has women. Smart ones. A lot of us even married Macon women (full disclosure: my ex-wife is a RMWC alumna).

It's hard to know what will become of RMWC now. Virginia has a long tradition of single-sex liberal arts colleges, most of which have gone the coed route. Some (like Washington & Lee) have since improved dramatically. Others (like the other Randolph Macon College) stayed pretty much the same, just with a wider variety of students. One big problem for RMWC: the fact that there is already a Randolph Macon College. So RMWC is looking at recruiting with zero name recognition.

Anyway, that's really enough self-serving musings.

Next post will be about something relating to libertarianism. Or making fun of it.

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