Where\'s the Beef?

Geneive Abdo's article "America's Muslims Aren't as Assimilated as You Think" in today's WaPo is getting much play today in the blogosphere. Abdo makes her conclusions based on personal experiences among American Muslims. Non-anecdotal data are not mentioned. Anyone can make conclusions based on personal experiences, and Aziz Poonwalla makes the opposite conclusion based on his own experiences.

My own experience mostly matches Aziz's. My immediate co-workers include nine Muslims, some of whom I socialize with outside of work. They range from a self-proclaimed "atheist" to someone who prays five times a day, doesn't drink, eat pork, or gamble, and had an arranged marriage to a Muslim woman whom he had never been alone with prior to the ceremony. None of these guys (they're all men) is going to blow anyone up. They don't feel alienated. About half of them have married/will marry outside their faith and race.

American Muslims are different from their European counterparts. As much as Europundits decry race relations in America, American Muslims see themselves as Americans, not as outsiders. There aren't any clerics calling for the destruction of America. Mosques aren't recruiting centers for suicide bombers. American Muslims don't see a role of politics in the practice of their faith. They're following the same path that other immigrant groups before them did.

Without more proof, I just don't buy the Abdo's conclusions.

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