Cuba Behind the Curtain

We should be prepared for that day when Fidel Castro finally takes his celestial dirt nap. Media columnists, academia and the Western intelligencia the world over will be mouring the loss while offering none-too-subtle praises for the workers' utopia.

At that point, we should recall Caroline Overington's first-hand account:

Two years ago, I was given what quickly became an awful assignment. I was told to visit Cuba. Oh sure, like everybody I thought: dark rum, hot nights, fat cigars, the rumba.

The reality was very different. Cuba was wretched. Every day the photographer and I encountered distressing scenes of women, children and ageing Cubans living in terrible poverty.


Castro's revolution - free food, free education, free health care for all - was a sad, sorry joke. The classrooms were decrepit, the school books so old as to be useless. Store shelves were empty.

Whole thing here.

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