Government Forces Millions to Rely on Inferior Antidepressants

This is early information so the title is somewhat exaggerated in direct relation to the content, but it turns out ketamine can relieve depression symptoms far faster than current antidepressants. The hitch?

The team says ketamine, in its current form, would not be appropriate for medication because of side-effects at higher doses, which include hallucinations and euphoria.

Emphasis mine. In other words, they can't trust people to take this stuff because they might take more of it for exactly the same reason people use it recreationally now: they like the "side effects."

Reading that made me want to kill someone. But instead I decided to make this post.

But don't worry, if you're depressed and you want to try this stuff right now, you needn't bother with your family physician. Ketamine is easily available on the street. Just make sure you find a source you trust. You'll probably pay a bit more than you would in a free market, but then again even if the market for the drug were free, the market for physicians who can legally prescribe drugs is far from it.

Just about everyone is already a lawbreaker due to ridiculously low revenue-generating speed limits. How long until we're all lawbreakers because it's the only way to get safe, effective drugs? I'm guessing there are probably already doctors operating "under the table" who have the entire repertoire of treatments, legal and illegal, at their disposal. Perhaps when I no longer have employer-provided health insurance and I go to catastrophic or no insurance, I'll have to look one up.

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