George Will does the Lord\'s work

I second Gene Healy's praise of George Will's latest column in his ongoing and principled break with the Bush administration's unconservatism.

I disagree with Will's view that Hezbollah has somehow come out ahead in all this. Though the concept of 'pyrrhic victory' is unknown in the Arab world, certainly Nasrallah cannot afford too many more victories of that sort. Its also not remotely clear that Lebanon will be more dominated by Hezbollah, who will be strained to both rearm and extend social services to bribe the local shi'ites to stay loyal. Once the dust clears, I believe the Maronites, Druze, and Sunni will be more than a little miffed that Nasrallah's folly blew up their country. And, the final disposition of Lebanon's political climate depends crucially on how much international support the non-HA parties receive- if the government can credibly and quickly extend relief to the devastated portions of the country, so much the worse for Hezbollah.

That aside, as much as it pains me to say it, given what's happened since 2004, I find myself... kinda... sort of... agreeing with... argh. Can't say it. But its true that as the 9/11 attacks could (in theory) have been thwarted by law enforcement, so too can other massive terror operations. Now that domestic and foreign intelligence services know what to look for, the primary weapon of the spanish inquisition global terror lords (that being surprise) is gone. I think that there's still more of a role for blunt force ass-kicking than most, but the general point of the "we've won the WOT" is somewhat correct- the heavy lifting is basically done (Afghanistan, getting the anti terror intel infrastructure up), and now its mop-up. Mop-up is best done when you're not also mired in a colonial insurgency.

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