Good job, voters

The crappy thing about being a freedom-lover when the neocons are in charge is that they are the anti-libertarians: fiscally liberal and socially conservative. Its tempting to think of the failures of democracy, ruled by power-hungry scumbags, as meaning that all such scumbags are the same. Then along comes a president like Dubya, who spends like a drunken sailor on his first shore leave in years, while dancing around on our civil rights with steely boots like a drunken sailor on his first shore leave in years, thus demonstrating that some scumbags are worse than others.

This news story, however, shows a small but cheerful push in the other direction:

American voter in a summer of discontent

'Fed up' is the theme of key contests, including the Lieberman defeat

The heat of anti-war sentiment peeled former vice presidential contender Joe Lieberman right off the Democratic ticket for re-election to the Senate in Connecticut.

The furor over government spending kicked a moderate, Joe Schwarz of Michigan, to the curb in favor of conservative Tim Walberg in a Republican House race.

Let me be far from the first to say, "Woo-hoo!"

This is a good example of the feedback which keeps the Hotelling model (or the Margarita Model, as we like to think of it around here) from pushing both parties exactly to the center. If a candidate is too centrist, the party base revolts in the primaries, voting in a someone who better reflects their views. Or, as Stephen Colbert puts it in Cappucccino: "His supporters are not mainstream Democrats. They're against the Iraq War - a position so extreme that only 86% of Democrats agree with it."

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