Have we gone off the deep end?

Someone please tell me this is a joke:

Steps to solving the “Muslim question":

1. Take away their weapons
2. Make them wear labels so we can distinguish them easily (to make sure they don’t get weapons again).
3. Move them all to ghettos
4. Round them all up and stick them in concentration camps.
5. …
6. Profit!

While Arnold certainly goes a bit far in tarring all muslims as Islamists, it is a ridiculous stretch to say that recognizing that there is something particular within the muslim community that (a) is driving murderous transnational hate & terror groups bent on killing civilians on purpose and (b) that something should be done about that particularity is somehow advocating a Final Solution style genocide. As Randall pointed out,

The Israeli government will be satisfied when militant attacks against Israel stop; Hezbollah and its allies will be satisfied when Israel is wiped off the map.

Its not westerners who're currently pushing for genocide. (er, "anti-zionism," my bad.)

The history of Islamist aggression against civilization thus far shows that any rationale will do; take one away, and another is invented just as quickly in its place. Mad that US forces are in Saudi Arabia? Ok, they left. Er, now its about Palestine! Mad that Israel is in South Lebanon? Ok, they left. Er, now its about the Sheba'a Farms, which Hezbollah conveniently forgot to bring up to the UN arbiters drawing the final border with Lebanon and Israel until after Lebanon, Israel, and the UN all agreed that the territorial borders were set and just. Oh, and now they also claim several other towns further south of the border. No doubt Nasrallah will soon also 'discover' that all of Samaria is really part of Lebanon. Oh, and Haifa, too.

Failing to take the cynical and bad faith threat of Hezbollah and others seriously risks letting things deteriorate to the ultimate horror (as recounted pessimistically by Scott Adams):

Most people commented that my prediction (a recent post) for the Middle East is highly improbable. Fair enough. But what prediction is MORE probable?

Will the terrorists discover Jesus and decide to stop terrorizing on their own?

Will there be permanent low-grade terror attacks but the bad guys will never get bigger or better terror weapons or WMD?

Will the good guys kill enough of the terrorists that the ongoing problem becomes a minor annoyance?

Will the terrorists get WMD and destroy the infidel countries at their leisure because terrorists are good at hiding?

Will Iraq become a prosperous democracy and cause the other countries to follow suit, thus eliminating the support base for terror?

It seems to me that every possible future is highly unlikely.

From my point of view, the terrorists will never stop, and we’ll never kill enough of them, and their weapons and tactics will improve without end. At some future point, only Draconian methods will end the threat. That’s why I predict that some hawkish Christian leader will emerge with an idea for eliminating Islam. And as horribly evil as that will be, no one will have a better idea.

Just to be clear, I’m not advocating that solution. I just predict it will happen.

And then we'll *actually* get a 'final solution.' If we (and by we I mean liberal westerners, by whatever means) allow these terrorist troubles to keep on until finally, one day, a US city goes up in nuclear flames, there will be an insta-genocide the next day of over 1 billion men women and children in a nuclear holocaust. Perhaps we should try and get serious about the barbarians at the gate before then?

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