Joining the Conspiracy to Game the System

You may have already noticed that I've added a "digg this" link to the top of each post. This will submit the post to digg (assuming you are registered there) or tell you it's a duplicate and let you digg the story someone else has already submitted.

With this, we join Michelle Malkin's right wing conspiracy to game the system. Or are we liberal social networking revolutionaries?

Anyway, if you like a story, and you're a right-winger, please don't click the "digg this" link, because I don't want to be part of any conspiracy. If you're a liberal, on the other hand, go ahead and click.

P.S. It would be really funny if this post made it to digg's front page :dizzy:

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pawn - that was intentional.

pawn - that was intentional. Michelle's post talks about both :)

Think of it as a split link.