Clever Pig Farmer Discovers New Way to Milk the Government for Tax Money

After years of receiving government subsidies and protections for raising pigs, Heiner Gärtner decided it was no longer enough.

“I couldn’t repair the roof if I only bred pigs,” said Mr. Gärtner, a self-confident fellow with a spiel that is far more entrepreneurial than agricultural. “We have to compete worldwide these days. Pork from Brazil costs half as much as German pork. Our costs are simply too high.”

So Gärtner went looking for new ways to steal from his neighbors.

In 2004, Germany passed a new law that guaranteed people who built solar parks a minimum price for each kilowatt of electricity that was two to three times the market price.

That prompted Mr. Gärtner to investigate the possibility of turning his fields of corn, wheat and barley into rows of photovoltaic panels.

Once he managed to find financing for the project, that's just what he did. Now he rapes non-solar-panel-sporting Germans to the tune of 400,000 USD a year, the amount above market rate he gets for his electricity.

Thank goodness I don't live in Germany. It's bad enough subsidizing all those rich Prius drivers here in California and watching them speed by me solo in the carpool lane. That is, when I'm not on my motorcycle.

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