Read Kofi\'s Lips

From Lou Dobbs (scroll nearly halfway down the page):

DOBBS: You may support the United Nations fervently, or you may think it's a waste of money and time and real estate. But whatever you think, the United Nations is considering a number of proposals to tax you. The U.N. is fighting to raise hundreds of billions of dollars in new global taxes to fund the United Nations and make the U.N. even less accountable to the United States. [...]

LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Americans pay property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, income taxes, Social Security taxes, and if the United Nations had its way, would pay a global tax. [...]

DAVID KEENE, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION: Allowing the United Nations to actually have a revenue base which it could operate on without accountability to anyone would be a disaster. The U.N. is a disaster as it is in terms of management, in terms of waste, in terms of corruption.

More from the Brussels Journal.

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