Youtube Idol

From Wired:

But what to do? If you had any talent or vision, you wouldn't have needed to wait for venture capitalists to provide you with an audience. Entertainment goons have been roving from household to household, dragging out anyone who shows the slightest glimmer of the ability to sing, dance or tell jokes and imprisoning them in "Reality Gulags" pending appearance and subsequent evisceration on cable television. So the fact that you're sitting comfortably and reading this indicates that you have nothing to offer.

But that's OK, the genius of video sites is that they allow people with nothing to offer to go ahead and offer it anyway. Don't have any ideas? That's OK, you only need one, and I'm shoving it in your face like smelling salts in an Edwardian drama: Make a music video!

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Here is the wikipedia page on one such person.