Yeah, kiss the ring

Surely I can't be the only one who's noticed the inflation of rank in Southern mega-churches in the last few years. Where once God's well-compensated hustlers were content to be styled "Reverend," more and more of them seem to be "Bishop" now. Who the hell decides this anyway?

Bishop Randall McElroy is not pleased.

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Nothing quite like a bit of

Nothing quite like a bit of self-importance, is there.

Blame "Bishop Brian Tamaki"... google that rather than take your bandwidth here.

Of course, the Christian

Of course, the Christian Libertarian should each individually style themselves "Pope So and So" given the idea of no heirarchy in having a direct line to God, and particularly given the typical Libertarians predelictions to ideological purity, ancap inquisitions, litmus tests, and the excommunication of all small "l" libertarians from party membership or the L Neil Smith in-crowd.:behead:

Who are you thinking of in

Who are you thinking of in particular?

It may just be that the church leaders you've been noticing lately have been from different denominations. The United Methodists have always had bishops; the Southern Baptists have never had them. Some Pentacostals (PCG) did change the title of their District and General Superintendents to District and General Bishops as of 2002, but the positions were already oversight positions; they just changed the name, apparently to make it sound more spiritual and less like secular upper management.

As if anything should really

As if anything should really be conceeded to people who willingly give up rational skepticism and take orders on faith alone. Why indeed.