Gapminder Rules!

Gapminder is awesome. I'm only 15 minutes into the video of their talk at Google, but I love it. They don't seem to have a particular political agenda aside from representing the facts accurately so that people can understand the world and make good decisions. I mean, they want people to be aware of poverty, but they want them to be *accurately* aware, not emotionally aware.

In fact, the whole first 5 minutes of the presentation is making fun of the idea that you can understand the rest of the world by seeing a few pictures designed to emotionally manipulate you. Then they go on to show you their ways of showing the data in an understandable, accurate way. So far, I'm loving it, eg:

"There is no gap. There is like a continuous mountain of stuff, there is no two groups. But we simplify in our minds and think about poor and rich, because it's easier to think in those terms, but it's a continuous scale, people live on all income levels, and everyone will say they are poor if you ask them, most people would."

It's so rare to something like wealth inequality portrayed in such a logical way, sympathetic to the poor, yet mentioning how they are getting richer, not exaggerating their plight or using emotional hyperbole, just telling the true story. I tend to be pretty down on bleeding hearts because of their soft heads, and to see such a logical presentation of a politically and emotionally charged issue was incredibly refreshing.

It's sad that this is rare enough that I'm struck by it, but since we live in a world of hyperbole and emotional exaggeration, it's great to find straight shooters like this.

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Damn awesome. Try the movie

Damn awesome.

Try the movie of life expectancy against fertility rate (children per woman).

Awesome, just awesome...

Awesome, just awesome... :shock: