What really brought down the twin towers?

I didn't believe the conspiracy theories when I first heard them, but now there's conclusive proof that something other than the impact and heat from the fire brought the towers down.

link via The Corner

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That proves it. The Twin

That proves it. The Twin Towers could not have collapsed due to a plane crash and fire. Those videos I saw are a hoax. I smelt the smoke so that gap in the skyline is done with smoke and mirrors. The towers still stand to this day.

My mind is blown.

My mind is blown.

Whoah. Authority, it is


Authority, it is questioned. The power, it is fought. The truth, apparently, is out there.

My sides hurt. I don't know

My sides hurt. I don't know if the guy doing the experiment thinks he's serious or not, and that's half the beauty.

Bigfoot did it.

Bigfoot did it.

Well, at least we know

Well, at least we know skyscrapers stuffed with newspaper are safe. The New York Times will be so happy.

in other news, rabbit cages

in other news, rabbit cages are safe...
I'm generally in agreement with Chris Mooney that Republicans are to science what Michael Jackson is to daycare, but it's worth pointing out that people of all affiliations are more than capable of abusing the scientific method in the process of grin...

The twin towers collapsed

The twin towers collapsed for two main reasons, neither of which involve demolitions. First, extreme heat generated from a chemical fire such as burning jet fuel will eventually break down all material into its constituent elements, including steel. Second, both planes expended their impact energy into the surrounding strutural members, stripping away the physical fire protection blown onto those very same members. It's truly as simple as that.

Vince Kissinger