Holy Crap - A Telco Whose Prices *Include* Taxes!

I had been planning on switching my SunRocket service to a limited plan when my first year was up because the $16.67/month ($200/year) for the unlimited plan would get me 423 minutes on the limited plan, but then I realized that they were giving me a free 13th month for renewng, bringing me down to $15.40/month, and voice mail costs $3/mo extra on the limited plan bringing it to $12.95, so not that huge of an improvement. Now I just have to find a reason to make more long distance and international calls.

Anyway, while I was doing this research on SunRocket's website, I realized all their prices include every single tax and fee that you normally get charged, so while Comcast wants $44 a month for what SunRocket is charging <$17 a month for, with Comcast you still have to pay the taxes on top of that, whereas the prices SunRocket quotes are the bottom line price. Wow! Welcome to the world of real competition in phone service! I wonder how long it'll be until the telcos manage to lobby the VoIP carriers out of existence.

BTW, if you choose to sign up for SunRocket, and you say you were referred by a friend and you put in 4084043245, I'll get some money or something. Or don't; the important thing is that you're not giving money to some Big Evil Telco. Plus SunRocket's mascot is much cuter than the Death Star. (I think it's a Sun Conure; we have a flock of these in Sunnyvale even though they're not native because of people's escaped pets.)

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Actually the deal is better

Actually the deal is better for new customers (Sunrocket doesn't appreciate us existing ones as much!). They now have a $199 for two years promotion, open only to new subscribers.

Bastards! I only get 13

Bastards! I only get 13 months!

Oh wait, I did get a free two handset phone through an Amazon promo though, when I first signed up.

Also, people who sign up now probably won't have to go through the growing pains I had to deal with :)