IVF and Identity Fraud

From SciScoop:

"Our overwhelming feeling is that there are insufficient measures to protect the unit, the patient's legal rights, and most importantly the future welfare and wellbeing of the unborn child.
"Fraudulent behaviour may be fuelled by financial pressures, as the cost of treatment is high and public resources are limited.

A patient may use a false identity in an attempt to have access to public funding from which he or she would otherwise be precluded. Or there may be more personal reasons, such as a change of partner during treatment. A considerable length of time may pass between the couples referral from the family doctor and the start of treatment, or during the fertility investigations which are necessary before treatment can commence. During this time a relationship break-up may occur, and one partner may try to continue the treatment with a different subject", he said.

I've believed for quite a while now that identity theft is going to become a huge headache for governments all over the world. Throw national ID cards and publicly funded health care into the mix and you have yourself a combination that will undoubtedly result in immense entertainment for me and much inconvenience for governments and their sycophants.

Speaking of identity theft and health care, I just remembered my wife got an "explanation of benefits" for services she'd never had at a clinic she'd never been to a couple months back. She called the insurance company and they said they'd take care of it. It seems like at least some providers in the US aren't doing a very good job of checking patients' identities. Someone got free health care, courtesy of Cigna or this unattentive provider. Does anyone know what happens in those kinds of cases? If this were a government-run program nobody would really have any incentive to track down cases of fraud like this, so I'm guessing that situations like the article describes are actually extremely common.

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