How to increase laptop sales

1) Include a motion sensor in your product.

2) Have a third-party release a program which makes light-saber noises in reaction to the motion sensor.

3) People swing their laptops around like lunatics. Some break. You sell them replacements.


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If "Brilliant" is meant

If "Brilliant" is meant non-sarcastically, this post may be the world's first known instance of the Broken Laptop Fallacy.

Speaking of lightsabers,

Speaking of lightsabers, Patri, aren't you supposed to be facing Darth Bernanke in a dramatic showdown on top of the St. Louis Fed building right now? (James Earl Jones voice:) You cannot escape your des-ti-ny...

Rad Geek, You would be

Rad Geek,

You would be correct if Patri was arguing that breaking of laptops was a net economic positive. Even in the classic story, the glazier would make a net profit.

Cornelius, A glazier who


A glazier who boosted profits by gulling people into doing things that tend to end up with windows broken would not properly be described as "brilliant." Cunning perhaps, but "brilliant" usually involves a more positive evaluation of what's being done with one's cleverness than such a glazier, or laptop-maker, would really deserve.