\'Round the \'Sphere

Richard Epstein, statist thug.

David Boaz is not afraid of criticism: "So there you have it: an American criticizing Europe on a European newspaper site. Have at me."

Tyler Cowen spawns a blog meme.

There are a lot of things on which I would probably disagree with Dr. Michael Siegel, but he's very quickly becoming my personal hero.

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So, ah.... how's that

So, ah.... how's that weight-gain program going? I'm actually curious, and we haven't gotten an update in a while, so I'm responding to your most recent post.

Well, I have had to take a

Well, I have had to take a sabbatical from that this month. Crazy hours at work and traveling almost every weekend really puts a cramp in my workouts. Anyway, the few times I've hit the gym and weighed myslef, I've seemed to maintian my previous ~8-10 lb. effort. So, early next week I will try to pick up where I left off with 3-4 weeks to go. I have my work cut out for me, but I was getting to the goal so easily before, I needed a challenge :) I will update next week.