Speaking Ill of the Dead

Now that the requisite period of "if you can't say anything nice..." is over, Clive Crook gives an ungentlemanly but excruciatingly spot-on assessment of the late John Kenneth Galbraith. Read it and count the number of times you think "ouch." My personal favourite was this:

[Milton Friedman's] devotion to meticulous scholarship did not preclude him from thinking big: Capitalism and Freedom is up there with Keynes's General Theory and Hayek's Road to Serfdom. Galbraith's The Affluent Society is up there with The Tipping Point and The World Is Flat -- except that Malcolm Gladwell and Thomas Friedman are not usually so wrong in their judgments.

Just... ouch.

(HT: Jane Galt.)

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Sad thing about Galbraith

Sad thing about Galbraith is, he never really was much more than an aristocratic snot with a talent for words and a predictable affinity for socialism of the 'I care!!!' variety. It's really hard to think of any enduring idea that his mind produced, just some well phrased snide remarks. Good form, no substance. In some ways a precursor to the annoying Hollywood/celebrity posturing of today. I can see why him and Buckley were such good friends.