Next Winter\'s Fuel for the Fireplace

From EPI

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I followed this link and

I followed this link and actually read the introduction (most of it). What is so striking to me about it is that this is the sort of stuff I would have bought hook, line, and sinker just a couple of years ago, when I was like the vast majority of people/voters. I was only a very casual observer of politics.

He comes off as sounding so reasonable. We have problems today, and those problems are the result of us not working together towards our common problems. It just takes a little teamwork! "New" ideas like universal healthcare are just the kind of outside the box thinking we need to get this country going in the right direction again.

Here's my favorite part:

Here's my favorite part: "we simply can no longer afford to be led by people wearing ideological blinders. We must seriously investigate a new way of thinking"

He's claiming that he's not ideological, and that socialism is 'new'! Steve's right - this guy sounds so reasonable that people that haven't really been paying attention might fall for it.

LOL. I like in the sample

LOL. I like in the sample where he talks about Thomas Paine. I'm sure Tom Paine would be all about more government intervention if he were around today.

And how about the references

And how about the references to our currently "hyper-individualist" society and government. If only.