The Beauty Myth?

Actual Austrian economist Michael Stastny seeks to disprove the contention that random hotties don't actually help increase sales.

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I don't know what jump

I don't know what jump diffusions are, but I've suddenly developed a keen interest in applied stochastic control of them.

The term I've heard for the

The term I've heard for the effect is "vampire video." The idea is that the striking ad, whether involving a sexy model or something else attention grabbing, pulls attention away from the product. So the consumer remembers the ad but is rather vague about which brand it is an ad for.

Jump diffusions? Is that

Jump diffusions? Is that like a Jump-To-Conclusions map?

I'm not sure why, but every web site I've registered has been through I'm absolutely certain it's not the hot chick in all their ads, but I haven't quite figured out what it is....

I think that's a

I think that's a Jump-to-Conclusions mat. Hilarious.

[...] ground, he said.

[...] ground, he said. Differentiating your beer from others is a matter of brewing better beer, not putting hotter chicks in your commercials. The craft beer market, in fact, [...]

I'd like the display copy,

I'd like the display copy, please. I'll fetch it myself, thanks.