Welcome To The OC, B*tch!

This is how it's done in Orange County, China.

"Chinese people like the image of the American lifestyle, and we are the only company building homes like this here," he said.

It is clear that their offering has tapped into a well of desire. Though an hour out of Beijing, all of the homes in Orange County, or Ju Jun in Chinese, were sold within a month. In this mix of free-standing tudor and stucco three- and four-bedroom homes, children play in the street and sport utility vehicles sit comfortably in driveways.

Homes in the more upmarket and more recently completed Watermark-Longbeach section of the compound cost $1.5 million and up, ranging from yellow French country estates to Spanish stucco castles, each model home a pumped-up version of the American dream.

No sign yet of any sarcastic cool-nerds with a penchant for comic books and Chrismukkah.

link via Hit and Run

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They also like Buicks. Why?

They also like Buicks. Why? Some say it is because they saw them in old newsreels. There are other ideas also.

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