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Angry Bear on Secretary Snow and the Hamilton Project

Don't know what the Hamilton Project is?

In this case, ignorance is bliss. The link above is provided as a public service to our readers and accidental passers-by. Think of it as a lint trap. If you can spend more than 60 seconds finding out what the HP is without tossing your cookies, we'll refund your admission fee in full, as there is nothing to be found here which will be of interest.

Not even the Bush Administration can be always wrong, their effort notwithstanding.

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Reading the executive

Reading the executive summary nearly made me puke. please, Allah, Buddah somebody.. stop liberals like those from grasping anymore power than they have. that thing reads like some kind of liberal cum nazi manifesto. WOW!!! liberals are SO INSANE its hard to believe.
man, Rubin....what a filthbag.:bomb:

You're right---I got so

You're right---I got so angry that I threw a jar of cookies across the room.

Actually, I don't see anything particularly egregious about this. It's just typical left-wing BS, isn't it? Am I missing something?

Sorry I couldn't get past

Sorry I couldn't get past the first paragraph. For example:

What people are saying about The Hamilton Project

"You have already drawn some of the brightest minds from academia and policy circles." — Sen. Barack Obama

Perhaps I will take some Dramamine and try later.

Yeah, typical stuff. "We

Yeah, typical stuff. "We believe that if only we get enough really smart people in a room, have them think hard enough and long enough, we can come up with a way to fix the problems of the world!" Because you know, all massive problems require to be fixed are the appropriate application of motivated smart people.

It's the "engineer's fallacy." And I say this as someone who received an engineering degree. All throughout education, engineers are taught that all problems can be fixed by smart people sitting down and thinking up a solution, then applying it. This supposition works very well with math, engineering and programming problems. Unfortunately, many people think this belief can be extended to politics and economics, even when the active agents are people instead of girders or lines of code.