And on a Much Lighter Note...

This is the only warning you get that I'm about to clamor on again about American Idol. Anyone who complains will be laughed at... but feel free :kiss:

Its finally Queen night, Woo HOO!!!

Thus far we have lost 4 contestants in the top 12, and I haven’t been disappointed with losing any of them. Melissa McGee was eminently forgettable. Then there was Kevin Covais. He was one of my early favorites, but had started to get a little boring. Really he just wasn’t especially good at emoting, and his snappy comments to Simon were starting to make him seem like a bit of a jerk. On Song’s of the Millennium night we lost Lisa, who I thought was a pretty good singer but who mysteriously decided to pick the worst Kelly Clarkson song ever produced to sing. After nearly getting voted off the previous week I really expected her to improve her song choice. Two weeks of bad performances of bad songs is a contestant asking to leave I think.

Last week we lost Mandisa. She is a great singer and a pretty good performer, and she sang one of the few country songs that I actually like. Still she barely got all the words out, forget about seeing her pull off the feisty personality and sensuality that the song is projecting. Besides it was hard not to compare her to Shania Twain. “Any Man of Mine” is a fun song but perhaps not a good song for a show like Idol.
Katherine McPhee though still eminently cute, and still my favorite contestant of the remaining females seems to be seriously faltering. I suspect this week or next may be her last, and that is definitely disappointing. She has the talent to go all the way, but she’s picking rather bizarre song’s, and occasionally blending into the scenery of the many strong singers and pretty faces in the competition.

She needs to do more than the smiley/happy/look I can sing/ songs of the past few weeks, and show the audience some real emotion. That’s what I’ve been missing from Idol since season 3, a contestant who can really bring you chills. This season and last seems to be full of people who can sing difficult songs, really well, but can’t convey the emotions of the simplest tunes out there.

Fantasia could give you chills singing “I heard it through the grape vine.” So where is that this year? Where was that last year? It wasn’t until the past few weeks of last season that Carrie Underwood managed to pull off more than a blank stare at the camera when she was singing.

It’s getting kind of annoying. Where’s the growth, the improvement we used to see week after week? Where’s the contestants bringing on the new level of performance week after week? We seem to have the strongest set of top 12 singers the show has ever had, and yet none of them seem to be able to pull off a sad song. Ace has been trying, but he is too pretentious to be believable.

Last week was disappointing in that I have a handful of country songs I like, most of them are a couple of decades old, and we got stuck with weird contemporary stuff that was barely discernible as actual country music. Hello? Alabama, Nitty Gritty Dirt band, Hank Williams Jr. ?!? Instead there were songs I don’t know, and artists I’d never heard of. There were a few recognizable tunes, and the one Shania Twain song that was clearly a bad choice.

Still, of the performances last week I thought Bucky’s was easily the best, in spite of the fact that he is clearly neither the strongest singer nor performer. It was in picking a recognizable song, singing it well, and bothering to attempt to convey the emotions of the song in his own facial expressions that made his performance really good.

Hopefully tonight we will see some great queen songs done amazingly well. If not perhaps they should call the whole thing off. I’m getting tired of good singers singing like they know they are good singers. It’d be nice if they performed like they are in a competition against other good singers and have to make themselves stand out, not just as different but as really, really good and different. One can only hope…

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Anyone who would watch this

Anyone who would watch this over a rerun of My Journey Home, the greatest Scrubs episode ever made, clearly has no taste.

Top three for Queen night in

Top three for Queen night in order best to worst 1) Chris Daugthery 2) Elliott Yamin 3) Taylor Hicks. I agreed with Simon Cowell about the song choices. There's a reason why you never heard of some of these Queen songs. I think Chris would have done much better with a different song.

All in all this season is pretty boring with very few killer or even entertaining performances.

Taylor Hicks is the one I

Taylor Hicks is the one I look forward to seeing the most.

He's just all-around entertaining when he does his thing. If AI allowed instruments to be played by contestants, he'd bring down the house if he brought out the harmonica. After a week or two of mailing it in with songs he didn't entirely enjoy, he's back in the saddle. Furthermore, it's impressive how he can still sing on-key in the midst running and jumping around.

Katharine McPhee is the one I look forward to looking at the most. :grin:

Paris is very talented, but has been a victim of theme weeks and poor song choices. She'd slam dunk during peppy R&B weeks, but the likes of Queen and country have been restraining her, and she's sounded mediocre. Unfortunately, it may spell her demise.

Maybe it's the cool gravel-soaked voice or the microphone flips or the seemingly regular-dude/down-to-earth attitude, but Bucky's been growing on me with each week. I hope he lasts a bit longer.

I've grown irritably weary of the Pickler-shtick weeks ago. :dunce:

Yes, I find Taylor

Yes, I find Taylor entertaining, his enthusiasm really comes across. I did have a slow spell there for awhile. Paris' selection for the song last night was one of the bad choices.

Never heard the phrase "mailing it in" before. Don't bother explaining I looked it up. You learn something new every day.