I Heart PriceGrabber

I used to search for stuff on multiple sites when I shopped, but then one of my cow-orkers told me about PriceGrabber's "bottom line price" feature, which allows you to put in your zipcode, stores it as a cookie, then lists all prices from all vendors with shipping and sales tax. That put an end to my having to try to track which stores would try to rob me for sales tax and which wouldn't. They carry just about everything, though they don't seem to have guns and ammo (everyone write to them and request it!)

PriceGrabber's UI and accuracy just blow Froogle out of the water. On hard drives, for example, you can filter by size range, cache size, speed, and manufacturer. The couple times I've found errors in either the condition an item was listed in (the vendor had a refurb listed as new) or the availability (the vendor was out of stock but it showed as in stock on PriceGrabber) they've always responded within one business day. I have yet to find an incorrect price. Occasionally some of the listings will say "see site" but I generally just skip those. Rebates, which I hate, are also listed right in the comparison list, so you don't have to visit the price to find out you need to mail in a rebate form and then wait for your money if you're lucky enough to have the rebate actually fulfilled. They also list stuff that's available from Amazon, so no more searching Amazon and not knowing whether the item in the list is actually available to buy or if it's from an Amazon partner and not Amazon themselves!

Feel free to share your own PriceGrabber experiences or plug competitors in the comments.

Update: Froogle does list gun-related stuff, even though Google won't allow gun-related (or even survivalist-related) ads.

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I buy so much stuff online

I buy so much stuff online my apartment office staff recently asked me if I had fallen for one of those reshipper scams.

No, I just hate malls, and I hate going to one store and paying their asking price, and I hate driving to three stores to compare prices, and I like being able to buy things not sold in my area, and I like comparing prices as hard as I can, and I like Ebay (hooray for bid sniping companies), and I like it that the UPS guy thinks of me as a customer and not as an unexpected break in his routine.

Now about PriceGrabber? Certainly an arrow for the quiver, but definitely not the last resort of the frugal. It certainly doesn't go out and find every online seller of the product. Sometimes the prices are outdated. It's head and shoulders better than Froogle on both those counts, but it's not doing the best you can do. I would say that if you use PriceGrabber exclusively, you pay about 10 to 15 percent more than the lowest price you could get by using an intelligently designed search string on Google and hitting the likeliest websites.

Now if you are not good at designing search strings, and you aren't an especially good shopper, and you are in a great tearing hurry, using PriceGrabber is much better than not using it, I admit. But using your brain and judgment is not yet superseded.

I hate the shipping scam for

I hate the shipping scam for low placement on sites like Froogle, will have to check PG out.