We\'re here, we steer (with bars)

If any of you rides a bike to work/school (or drives past people who do), you might check out a post of mine on the website of Faster Mustache, Atlanta bicycle club extraordinaire.

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"Freddy Mars"??

"Freddy Mars"??

More to the point, before a

More to the point, before a fun 75 mph highside at the racetrack, I used to ride a motorcycle back when I lived in California. One of the perks there is "lane-splitting". When traffic is stopped or slowed, motorcycles are permitted to travel in between lanes of cars. Another perk is the ability to use the carpool lanes, even without carrying a passenger.

It's a perk I made great use of. In some areas where I knew traffic would stack up, I made it through much quicker than a car would. Other riders were I knew were able to turn 3 hr car commutes into 1 hr motorcycle commutes by escaping the traffic through lane-splitting. And when done prudently, it's no less safe (it's also been shown it may be more safe, by reducing rear-end collisions against bikes).

But some people just hated it. Either they were pissed that "those motorcyclists got to go to the front of the line", or "it scares me so they shouldn't do it", or "it just must be unsafe". What they don't realize is that every one of those motorcyclists is reducing congestion by lane-splitting. Would they rather that each of those motorcyclists be sitting in a 3,000 lb car making their commute just that much worse?

I ride a bike to school in

I ride a bike to school in York, England and I have to say that I would never feel as comfortable riding a bike on the roads in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio as I am in York. Bike lanes help, but the attitudes of drivers seems to be more important.