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Great news in The Nation: Argentina and Uruguay are ending their participation in the School of the Americas. They join Venezuela in saying no to U.S.-based terror training. For those of you who aren't familiar:

Since its founding in 1946, the SOA--now located at Fort Benning in Georgia and renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation--has trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers in commando and psychological warfare, counterinsurgency techniques and intelligence-gathering. The Pentagon has acknowledged the school's use of field manuals advocating torture in the past, and UN commissions and research organizations have linked SOA graduates to many of the region's most heinous massacres, assassinations and torturous interrogations over the years. Graduates from Uruguay and Argentina figure prominently into this sordid history, from Uruguayan soldiers linked to kidnappings and torture through Operation Condor to the notorious Argentine dictators Roberto Viola and Leopoldo Galtieri.

American foreign policy in South America has been completely disastrous, and I hope this will help end the Pentagon's/DEA's/CIA's influence there. More at School of the Americas Watch.

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Latin America is the primary

Latin America is the primary cause of its own problems. I hope people will stop pretending that those oh so innocent Latin Americans were corrupted by the big bad US.

The problem have always been

The problem have always been the lack of control. The School of Americas do what it was intended to do, fight communism, what the officers it train do after that is not our problem. F'ck South American, the whole place isn't worth the spit. Killing in S. American is a good experiment ground, we should have more of it.

Yes, Latin America is the

Yes, Latin America is the primary cause of its own problems. But U.S. intervention has made it worse, and with no real benefit to anybody except thugs.

What Randall Said. Equipping

What Randall Said.

Equipping local non-communist tyrannies with the means to fight communist would-be tyrannies in Latin America was a dubiously necessary evil *at best*; now that the threat of Apocalyptic Communism is gone, there is no excuse at all for the SOA or its successor.

Home grown Chavezism or Castroism is not part of a larger, more global threat (ala joining with the Communist Horde or riding posse with Osama) and so by and large they're threats to their own communities. We ought not give them extra fuel for their fires by training opposing tyrants' militias...

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