Gettin\' Our Swole On, Week 4

Starting weight: 118 lbs. (9.0% body fat)
Week 1: 121 lbs.
Week 2: 124 lbs.
Week 3: 126 lbs.
Week 4: 128 lbs. (9.1% body fat)

This means that of the 10 lbs. I've gained in the last 4 weeks, 9 of them are lean. Would you believe when I walked into the gym the other day someone threw a syringe at my feet? The things we go through...

As the weather is supposed to warm up next week (finally!), I might start running, which could possibly make my body fat go down (and the weight, too?). We'll see if I have the time and motivation to add that to my already packed schedule.

Injury update: None at this time.

Until next week...

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Gaining Muscle Catallarchy

Gaining Muscle
Catallarchy continues to do well in his quest to gain 15 pounds of muscle in 100 days. He's at nine pounds of muscle after just four weeks. For background, see this post....

Trent... You go! I am so

Trent... You go! I am so excited about your efforts. I think you might succeed, and I think you're hands on approach to proofing that the statements made by these reports is pure speculation is right on the money.

For what it's worth... Here's my story... which I repeat every time someone tells me that people like Bonds, or Lance must be using PEDs.

I am now 36 (about to turn 37 years old)... I am 5'4" and until 2.5 years ago I weighed 200+ lbs and had 40%+ body fat. Needless to say, I got this way by eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and never ever lifting my fat ass off the couch to do anything.

One day I decided to turn around, I started exercising 7 days a week and paying attention to what I was eating. In 90 days I went came in at 150lbs and 20% body fat (measure from with a hydro-tank). This happened a little more 2 years ago; and I pretty much kept that body comp for 2 years.

Now, everyone will tell you that losing weight is the easy part, what you're doing is much harder... and I agree.

But six months ago, I decided to take my training to the next level... I wanted to cross 135lbs, and get to the sub-10% body fat range. Well, in 1 months, I've got down to 140 with a body fat of 16%, and since then I've crossed 134. I haven't had a recent body fat test, but I've lost another 3 inches off my waste, and my muscle definition is clearly much more pronounced.

The point I'm making is that I think the average person doesn't realize how much potential we waste in our body... most Americans (in particular) want to believe that there's nothing they can do about being overweight or unhealthy... and so they point to people like Bonds and Lance to call them cheaters... to give themselves an excuse for accepting their own unhealthy state.

Ordinary people can make radical changes in their body, if they apply consistent thoughtful tools of nutrition and training to their lives.

If you back that up with a also being genetically gifted (I'm sure Bonds and Lance are); a professional team of assistants (they have these), and a super dedication (they demonstrate this)... you can make even more amazing progress.


This is just no fun without

This is just no fun without (PG-rated) pictures!


Trent, A little bit of


A little bit of cardio (20-30 minute sessions, 2 to 3 times a week) is good for overall health and stemming the accumulation of fat, but don't aim to lose any real amount of fat. Gaining muscle and losing fat are two completely different processes. One requires anabolism, the other requires catabolism. One requires caloric excess, the other requires a caloric deficit. If you try to do both at once, you're going to find yourself accomplishing little in either realm.

It's not uncommon to lose a little fat while putting on muscle, or to put on a little muscle when losing a lot of fat --- but packing on the meat while melting off the fat just doesn't happen unless you are quite genetically gifted. So keep your eye on the muscle-building ball, and only worry about fat loss when you feel like your fat. And keep in mind that for us skinny guys, losing muscle with fat is almost inevitable.

I think you need to call me

I think you need to call me before you go on Leno.

Nice and steady uptick.

Nice and steady uptick. Congrats.

Though how do we know that your weight gain isn't totally due to a tripling of the size of your head, a la Bonds?