NRA Are Spammers

In case you're thinking about giving money to the NRA, make sure you give them either a bogus email address or one you don't care about, because they will not only never unsubscribe you from their mailing lists, but they will sell or give your email address to any organization they share political views with.

I used to be a supporter of the NRA but stopped when I realized they didn't really care about gun rights. After that, I tried to use the unsubscribe link to unsubscribe from their mailing lists. After several months of repeated attempts to unsubscribe, I just blocked their mail server in my mail server. I still get attempts to deliver mail from them after two years. Then I started getting mail from "NRA-ILA Alerts". I attempted to unsubscribe through that route as well, but it didn't work so I blocked that mail server as well. Now I've started receiving mail from Progress For America, starting "Dear PFA Supporter." It is legitimately from PFA and I am pretty sure they got my email address from the NRA. I used their unsubscribe link, which will hopefully work.

Update: Brian Warbiany mentions in a comment that he got subscribed to the PFA's list as well, and not through the NRA, so it appears the PFA may be spammy enough themselves not to require the assistance of the NRA. However, the email address they sent their spam to is the same one I gave the NRA and a different one than I emailed Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer from, and it's not my address, and they've certainly shown no inclination or ability to remove me from their own lists when asked, so I still suspect the NRA is the source in my case.

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I had the same experience.

I had the same experience. Rather disappointing.

I got subscribed to PFA

I got subscribed to PFA through blogging about Supreme Court nominees, I think. I think it's possible that they regularly check things like Technorati/etc to see who might "be interested." I similarly got onto a mailing list of my non-incumbent Congressional candidate who found me while I was blogging about the incumbent.

I'm not sure if maybe another mailing list might have sold the email address though, but if so, it wasn't from the NRA, as I've never joined their lists.

I use Firefox, and recently

I use Firefox, and recently discovered a plugin called Trashmail. It generates a fake email address for you. You can set it to forward a specific number of emails for a specific time to your real email address. Once the fake one expires, you get no more emails. I love it.

Note: in this case, the

Note: in this case, the time/# would need to be quite large. Trashmail is better for "registration" type things on websites. Though you could still used Trashmail to "feel out" a new mailing list for a while to see if they've sold/given away your address.