Gettin\' Our Swole On, Week 3

Starting weight: 118 lbs. (9.0% body fat)
Week 1: 121 lbs.
Week 2: 124 lbs.
Week 3: 126 lbs.

Injury update: No ill effects on the shoulder; one day of rest did the trick. Nothing else is nagging at this time.

8 lbs. in three weeks, and two this week. Considering I did not inhale calories like I had the previous two weeks, it's a success. Half-way home in three weeks; not bad. I had planned on getting my body fat done thins morning, but got up too late. Anyway, I hope to have it next week to see how much of the 8+ is real.

Update: Brandon here. I'm up another two pounds this week to 199, from a starting weight of 193. Assuming that at least half of that is muscle, I'm on track to meet the goal. The calipers aren't showing any significant changes in body fat percentage, but, again, my measurements probably aren't accurate enough to be meaningful at these levels.

Pull-ups are getting harder---my strength isn't keeping up with my weight---and I was only able to do three sets of two tonight. I tried the assisted pull-up machine, but I didn't like it much (the handles are too far apart), so I dropped it and added some lat pull-downs. Other than that, I've been sticking to the routine described in week 1, with the modifications I mentioned last week.

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Still Gaining Muscle Trent

Still Gaining Muscle
Trent at Catallarchy is up eight pounds in three weeks. He's not quite sure how much is muscle, but he's getting his body fat measured soon. Baseball Musings is conducting a pledge drive in March. Click here for details....

Trent, I've done a few

Trent, I've done a few bulking sessions myself. Over 2 years I went from 155 to 185 and and kept it pretty stable (then I got to college and dropped back down to 170 in 2 semesters... Freshman 15, alright). I always had a hard time staying lean if I tried to move faster than 1-1.5lbs per week, and most people have a hard time staying lean if they move faster 1.5-2lbs/week. That's not too bad if you can gain faster than that without getting fat - you must be well below your "natural" body weight.

Is this the first time you've done something like this? What sort of diet are you on? Doing an Evolutionary Fitness approach? Good luck in your goals!

Gotta be the mutton from

Gotta be the mutton from Billy's Bar-B-Q.

There are several scales by

There are several scales by Tanita that measures fat, water, and muscle mass. This should make tour fitness log more meaningful