How to Increase GDP and Cut the Costs of the USPS at the Same Time

Allow the Post Office to deliver all bills to random addresses and require the recipients to pay the bills received rather than their own, which have been delivered to someone else for payment.

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I don't know how effective

I don't know how effective that would be... As the bills inevitably grow, if the name and address of the true customer is listed on each bill, there might be some -- shall we say -- social pressure not to be too wasteful.

One of the reasons that the scheme works so well in a democracy is the anonymity.

I would like to apologize to

I would like to apologize to you Don. I received one of your bills, and seeing how I'm completely broke I failed to pay it. So sorry for lowering your credit score to the point of being non-existent. Perhaps next time I'll have some cash since I'm starting a business that consists of sending out random bills payable to my bank account.