Score One for Teen Fantasies

I, for one, am glad they've dropped charges against Debra Lafave. I mean, imagine the chilling effect this trial might have had on hot high school teachers having sex with their students!

Debra Lafave

Update: As I mentioned in a Comment on Jonathan's post, I think teacher-student romantic relationships are inappropriate regardless of the ages of the participants. Lafave should have transferred or quit her job, or the student should have transferred once they realized they were interested in sex with one another. I consider Lafave's termination to be called for even though I don't think criminal prosecution is necessary. Sorry if this update ruins the humor of the post :mrgreen:

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What's with the double

What's with the double standard that if a 14-year old kills his neighbor, he can be tried as an adult if it is shown that he understood the consequences of his actions, but if he chooses to have sex with a smoking hottie who happens to be his teacher, he must then be considered a child no matter what?

I realize it's a controversial point, but shouldn't there be an evaluation at some point as to whether he was capable of understanding the implications of his decision? I'm against victimization of children, but as these cases come up, the question has to be asked whether he was actually a victim?

Brad, Surely you're kidding


Surely you're kidding here. You want consistency from the law? That's asking a bit much, don't you think? We've double standards all over the place, thus allowing 16 year olds to drive cars but not vote, 18 year olds to vote but not drink a beer, and 21 year olds to kill brain cells with alcohol but not pot. It's all rather silly.

Actually, I think that there is perhaps less of a double standard here than initially appears as long as one keeps in mind that Americans, in general, have a serious hang-up about sex. The real issue here is not that a 14 year old had sex with his hottie teacher. The issue is that a 14 year old had sex with his hottie teacher.

Both of you, It is

Both of you,

It is conceivable that a developing teenager may be able to make mature decisions in one area of his life, but not in another. The double standard may be justified.

Though I admittedly have no evidence for the claim.

Scott, Good point. As a

Good point. As a grown man, I have trouble making mature decisions on that subject... It depends which head is doing the thinking! :grin:

Ok, I really want to know.

Ok, I really want to know. You're a parent, and you find out that a)your 14 year old daughter is having a sexual relationship with her male teacher, or b) your 14 year old son is having a sexual relationship with his female teacher. Would you have the same reaction to either of these revelations? Why or why not?

Lisa- No, and I'd have the


No, and I'd have the predictable double standard response of livid fury for (A) versus a more calculated rage for (B). The nature of human sexual physiology (among other issues of sexual dimorphism) demands a double standard.