Mid-Majors in the NCAA Tournament, One More Time

My last one, I swear.

I figured the percenatge of teams seeded 7 through 11 who advanced to the Sweet 16:

Seed BCS Schools Non-BCS
7 .172 (10/58) .167 (5/30)
8 .101 (7/69) .105 (2/19)
9 .021 (1/48) .050 (2/40)
10 .200 (9/45) .116 (5/43)
11 .214 (6/28) .083 (5/60)

What stands out? BCS teams, when seeded 11th, advance to the Sweet 16 more often than any other group on this table. Wow.

And 8's and 9's do worse than all other groups. This confirms what I had thought before (especially this year with regard to my 'Cats) - it's better to bee seeded 10th or 11th, come through with some winnable games, and hope somebody else does the heavy lifting by beating the #1 seed before you have to play them.

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I got two words for you.

I got two words for you. "Error bars"

Patri - :grin:

Patri - :grin: