Gettin\' Our Swole On

Week #1

(Update: tomorrow I will be getting my hands on a "before" picture. We'll see if I have the balls to publish them at some point in the future. Brandon can do so at his own peril.)

Since Brandon and my personal challenge has gotten a little play, we thought we'd keep people up-to-date on our progress. Expectations were all over the place, and the significance has been debated. But, debate now is futile; we're not turning back. The word on the street is that we even got a mention on ESPN's morning talk show Cold Pizza. Maybe we'll be on the cover of Sports Illustrated when it's all over.

The goal: 15 lbs of lean muscle mass by June 18.

My starting weight on Thursday, March 9, was 118 lbs, with a body fat of approximately 9%. I alternated upper body and lower body for the past week, with just a little bit of running here and there (one day of sprints, one day of distance). It's been too cold in the mornings for me to really get motivated to run around. I've been eating as best as I could - three good meals, good snacks throughout the day, a protein/nutrition shake every evening, and a protein shake some mornings before my workout. It's actually been a bad week to start - I've been on call the whole time, making it hard to keep my eating schedule, and bad sleep almost every night. So, I actually feel really good about my relative progress so far.

Current weight (3/16/06): 121 (from 118)

As for Brandon: He claims a starting weight of 193 lbs, with 12% body fat. After a week of heavy lifting, he reports a few nagging problems here and there, which I certainly sympathise with.

Current weight: 195 (from 193)

His routine:

Day 1 (Thu. March 9):
Weight: 193 - 12% = 170
Side Press: 8x2x5x55

Day 2 (Fri. March 10):
Pull-Ups: 2x3, 2x2
Olympic Squat: 5x5x175
Was feeling pretty tired on squats. Probably could have done 1-2 more sets, but my right knee started hurting on the first rep of the sixth set. Decided to play it safe and quit.

Day 3 (Sat. March 11):
Side Press: 17x2x5x55
Ready to move up to 60.

Day 4 (Sun. March 12):
Weight: 193
Pull-ups: 4x2
Deadlift: 10x5x275

Day 5 (Mon. March 13):
My form must have been a bit off on the deadlifts, because I woke up with a sore neck and bad headache. Took the day off.

Day 6 (Tue. March 14):
Side Press: 8x2x5x60

Day 7 (Wed. March 15):
Weight: 195
Pull-ups: 5x2
Power Squat: 6x5x185
My legs were good for several more sets, but my lower back fatigued fairly quickly. I've never had this problem with squats before, so I think I'll ease up a bit on the deadlifts.

So, we both to seem to be on our way, getting through the hardest part - the beginning. Brandon says he was especially sore in his legs (more than arms), and I spent last weekend walking a little more like John Wayne than usual. But, a lot of hard work still ahead. Stay tuned.

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15 Pounds in 100 Days In

15 Pounds in 100 Days
In response to this post, Catallarchy is attempting to gain 15 pounds of muscle in 100 days without steroids. Here's their first progress report. Baseball Musings is conducting a pledge drive in March. Click here for details....

No "before" pics?

No "before" pics?

Ryan, see update at top of

Ryan, see update at top of post.

When you FAIL to gain the 15

When you FAIL to gain the 15 lbs of muscle (ain't I the optimist?) DO NOT come back and post how impossible it is, or use your experiences as any sort of "proof" that Bonds must've done steroids. Working out for 15-30 minutes and drinking a protein shake will hardly get you any results. You're not even counting your calories!! Think about what Bonds did - he worked out for 5-6 hrs. a day and had top guys advising him on his nutrition. Good for you for deciding to increase your level of fitness, but if you're gonna do it, then do it properly. Take an informed, not an ignorant approach - read up on what you need to do to get the results you desire. You're going to need to commit to this as much time as a part-time job. And don't frame it in any way to try to compare your experience to what Bonds did, because really you're kidding yourselves.

I think it pretty much goes

I think it pretty much goes without saying that it would be much easier if, like professional athletes in the off-season, we had the luxury of working on this full-time. But I have better things to do, and I'm sure Trent does, too.

If I fail, which is a distinct possibility, I have no intention of pretending that that constitutes evidence that it can't be done.