Homeland Security, Circa 2025

When Homeland Security is able to perform warrantless, continuous mindtaps on the entire population simultaneously, this is what they would have picked up from me 5 minutes ago. --

"SOS is loaded with soap!"

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Is "SOS" some kind of

Is "SOS" some kind of euphemism for an islamo-fascist group? And I assume that "soap" is a code for explosives? If so, it's a good thing they're onto you. If not, well, sorry about that hole in your chest. After all, chasing down and verifying the stories of all 340,000,000 of you potential terrists [sic - the standard spelling, post-Bush] is just not feasible.

Sorry to post this here, but

Sorry to post this here, but I can't post it in the post I'm referencing.

I've noticed a bug in the site's code: it allows contributors to make posts with no titles, and then various code (comments for instance) breaks when it tries to use the empty title string in the URL.

Please fix this.