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Yup more American Idol... this is where you scroll to the next entry instead of posting stupid comments about how you don't watch the show and only idiots like me do... :twisted: presuming you are uninterested if not please continue...

After watching the top 24, I am still quite firmly a fan of Katherine Mcphee. I think she is easily the best of the female contestants, topping even the great raspy voice of Paris Bennet. That being said I am a pale-skinned female brunette and that may be swaying my psychology in her favor just a bit. I love Paris, though I thought her rendition of "Midnight train to Georgia" was definitely over-performed. The bouncing and jumping around took away from the actual vocals, and when the judges said that she didn't pick a "safe" song I laughed out loud.

A black girl with a raspy voice singing "midnight train to georgia" is the definition of "picking a safe song" in my book. That being said when she did "Wind beneath my wings" in week two I wanted to buy a recording of her singing it right then and there. I have never heard a better rendition of that song, and I have heard more than a few people take it on.

Of the girls that got cut I was glad to see all of them go with one exception: Ayla. Ayla is a great singer. Her style and voice is remniscent of Kelly Clarkson, only she seems to be infinitely more likeable. Unfortunately Ayla's song last week was weak and unfamiliar.

As for the guy's... I have never ever thrown the remote during an episode of American Idol... until now. It happened when this guy whose name I don't recall, and is now no longer part of the competition, attempted to ruin one of my favorite songs. He sang Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" while attempting to impersonate Frank Sinatra. The fact that he wasn't immediately voted off and survived into week 2 is a reflection of just how far our society has fallen... :end:

Okay perhaps it wasn't "society is falling apart" bad, but I did nearly destroy my tivo remote only a few measures into the song and it still makes me cringe. :wall:

I think Chris Daughtry is a sure thing for either first place or second in this competition. I say first or second because you never know who is going to really come out and shine in the top 12. I was actually pleased with the guys that got voted off. Gedeon though a very impressive singer, was incredibly annoying. I think if he had kept his mouth shut a little more (ironically) he might have been in the top 12 - he was certainly good enough of a singer and a performer to be. His God tirade in the last round, and his world as a record player painting were just a little... ick.

The falsetto performance that Sway Penala did was absolutely horrible, and yet mysteriously impressed the judges (I can only presume they were hearing something that we weren't). Actually Patrick Hall getting voted off was disappointing, but after the his attempt to pull off Melissa Etheridge it was understandable.

I do not like Ace Young, even a little. He picks horrible songs and ends them with a "I'm pulling on your heartstrings" look... only he's not. "If you're not the One" by Daniel Beddingfield has got to be one of the worst songs ever written. The guy sounds like a pitiful loser who is obsessed with some girl. Combine it with Ace's attempts to lure in the female audience with his eyes, and the performance was fairly nauseating.

Finally I don't really like Melissa McGhee but she did give strong performances every week and certainly deserves her place. I'm still a fan of Kevin Corvais (His rendition of Vincent was really cool) and Taylor Hicks but I don't expect they will stay in too much longer. And that's about it. My guess at top 6 is (in no particular order) Chris Daughtry, Katherine McPhee, Kelly Pickler, Paris Bennett, Eliot Yamin, and Mandisa.

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Hmm. From first place on

Hmm. From first place on down, my top 6 (not favorites, predictions):
Chris, Katharine, Taylor, Ace, Mandisa, Lisa.

Wanna wager?

That being said I am a

That being said I am a pale-skinned female brunette and that may be swaying my psychology in her favor just a bit. I love Paris, though I thought her rendition of “Midnight train to Georgia” was definitely over-performed.

Ah, so you admit to being a female then, Rainbough Philips, and no less than a pale-skinned, brunette one at that? Also, just for the record I don't like American Idol. :beatnik:

I was surprised to see

I was surprised to see Gideon go last week, and was really surprised to see Ayla voted off. I figured Will would have been voted off for the guys, and that it would have been between Kevin Covais and Bucky for the guys. I thought Kinnik was due for the ax, but I really thought Melissa would be gone, not Ayla. Maybe my predictions will get a little better.

Personally, though, Kellie Pickler is starting to grate on my nerves. She's great when she's not talking, but every time she opens her mouth, she reminds me why I hate public schools. "I'm a mink!" Uhh, yeah...

My preferred 1-12 order:

My preferred 1-12 order: Taylor, Katharine, Chris, Kevin, Elliott, Melissa, Mandisa, Bucky, Lisa, Kellie, Paris, Ace

I fear Ace may win, because that's who the judges want. It's a shame he lacks talent and seems quite vacant when he looks into the camera.

I would've liked Gedeon and Will to stick around instead of some of the women (or Ace), which points out the flaw in the 6 and 6 divide. Isn't talent the purpose of the competition, not gender equality? In some seasons, the women are more talented. In others (this one!) the men are more talented.

I was shocked - shocked! -

I was shocked - shocked! - when Gideon was voted off rather than Kevin (Chicken Little)in the second round of guy-be-gone. Kevin gets the pure pity vote, or what Simon calls the "granny" vote.
I'm afraid my own personal fawning over Catherine McPhee prevents me from being as unbiased as I could be:

On the female side, I'd say

On the female side, I'd say Mandisa and Katharine (yum) have been my favorites thus far. I was high on Paris during the auditions, but not so much now.

Although certainly easy on the eyes, vacuous and sickly-sweet Kellie Pickler gets a bit more annoying each week. Something about her routine that gets under the skin. That said, she's a shoe-in for the Final Two.

For the guys, I continue to pull hard for twitchy Taylor Hicks. Great voice, lots of soul, and doesn't look nor act like a typical American Idol. I think he's got Top Six potential, but probably not the whole enchilada. Chris is another that I'm hoping goes far.

Sadly, even though Ace has many of the same issues Kellie has (average voice, but made-for-TV looks), he'll probably go far in the competition.

Rainbough, "The guy sounds


"The guy sounds like a pitiful loser who is obsessed with some girl."

Heh! Let's make this a little gender balanced.

"The guy sounds like a pitiful loser who is obsessed with some pitiful loser girl who's obsessed with some guy who looks like Ace Young."

That's better.

Be careful with these sexist comments. :)

Often those pitiful losers are actually quite nice guys who are smart and successful.

Brad, Is minx a word they


Is minx a word they teach in private school? Lighten up on Pickler. Not everyone has the same talents. I don't think she would have been Einstein even if she when to private school. Nor would you probably be able to get onto Idol had you somehow gotten into Juliard.

I'm not saying she's smart but you got a guy, Simon Cowell, talking with what to her must be a thick accent, telling her she's a minx, a word she's never heard since she's a nice girl from horrible circumstances who probably doesn't hear that kind of gossip.

Then again shes probably one of those bitchy sluts this loser was obsessed with in high school. I betcha Ace has already nailed her. :)

Brian, Maybe she's just a


Maybe she's just a deer in the headlights, and her learning curve will progress quickly. It is too difficult for me to determine from seeing maybe 20 minutes of footage on Idol...

That being said, I just have a nagging feeling that this isn't a girl I'd have a very exciting conversation with...

Last time I checked Daniel

Last time I checked Daniel Beddingfield was a guy so while my comment about his song sounding " a pitiful loser who is obsessed with some girl," might be presuming heterosexuality in the singer/context, it is in no way sexist. The lyrics of the song and how it is sung make it sound like the words of a weak pitiful person. I can't say anything about the girl/guy he's singing about because it doesn't say anything about her it just talks about how he feels. Here's an example:

"If I don’t need you then why am I crying on my bed?
If I don’t need you then why does your name resound in my head?
If you’re not for me then why does this distance maim my life?
If you’re not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife?"

I suppose in the right context, or perhaps if it were sung or arranged better the song might sound touching, but to me the song has always sounded whiny and annoying.

Then again shes probably one

Then again shes probably one of those bitchy sluts this loser was obsessed with in high school. I betcha Ace has already nailed her. :)

Bitchy sluts are overrated anyway.

Oh, come on guys (and gals)

Oh, come on guys (and gals) I was just having fun. :)

I wonder if Rainbough has a

I wonder if Rainbough has a good singing voice. :smitten:

As for you Macker, shouldn't you be out saving bucket babies or something? :sweat:

Brian, After last night, I


After last night, I stand by my original assessment. When Stevie Wonder jokingly told her he thought she was English, and she took him seriously, I'm going to say she's not quite the sharpest knife in the drawer...

Actually, Stefan, I set up

Actually, Stefan, I set up this social experiment involving buckets and babies ...

BTW, I thought Daughtry did the best the other night, although I was interupted alot by my youngest son. I also liked McPhee and Hicks. Covais was horrible and sounded like a squeeky voiced kid.

... and Brad I was aware Pickler was dumb as a post the first time she opened her mouth. I was just yanking both your chains. I do however think this is not something you can blame on the public schools. I'm sure it's heritable. How much of the genetic lottery do you expect here to win. She's already got looks and a voice.

If you are looking for looks, brains and money, you should look up Natalie Portman. Understand she was a semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.

Both of them are out of my league for various reasons.

I have to agree with Brian

I have to agree with Brian on Pickler here.

"These aren't real tarantulas on my eyes!"

Natalie Portman is sexy!

Natalie Portman is sexy! However I can't bring myself to continually pine away on a blog like a certain someone. I suppose the best I can do is break out my Star Wars DVD and watch it again. :deal: