\"You Can\'t Gain 15 Pounds Of Muscle In 100 Days Without Drugs\"

Via Baseball Musings, an excerpt from the coming book Game Of Shadows scoffs at the notion that people can put on 15 pounds of lean muscle in 3 months without a little shot in the ass (as it were), as if this were proof that such-and-such ballplayer is doing steroids.


And to prove it's bullshit, starting tomorrow, I will put on 15 lbs (or more) of muscle over the next 100 days (without breaking any US laws). On June 18, if I am not 15 pounds heavier (all in lean mass), I'll eat Barry Bonds' syringe.

(I should say that I am not naive enough to think that baseball players in general, or Barry Bonds in particular, are not using performance-enhancing drugs. However, the things being said about the subject are so inane, I feel they need to be called out. The only thing statements like the above excerpt "prove" is the ignorance of the speaker.)

Update: Man, why didn't I think of this when people said there's no way Wilt Chamberlain could have slept with 20,000 women?

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15 pounds in 100 days ain't

15 pounds in 100 days ain't shit. I put on 50 pounds in a year naturally --- not pure muscle, but my bodyfat percentage stayed the same. From 140 @13% to 190 @ 13%. 15 in 100 should be cake. If you're a complete noob, you could do it in just two months.

Peter, did you have the same

Peter, did you have the same person measure your bodyfat percentage? Or how did you measure that? There are more accurate ways than others. If you did the pinch method, then you need the same person to conduct it, who has been trained in that. If you did hydrostatic weighing, then you need to do it each and everytime as each method will yield different results

Peter, if yopu notice that

Peter, if yopu notice that 15 pounds in 100 days and 50 pounds in 1 year is the same rate (1 pound per week) I dont think you really know what you are talking about, Id also bet you did not put on 50 pounds in a year, and yes if bodyfat percentage is the same, then its likely all muscle, as the waterweight is very unlikely to affect the percentage noticeably.

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