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The runt of the Catallarchy litter, Matt McIntosh was born on the chilly morning of December 10th, 1985. He has resided in Canada for nearly all of his life and has spent more time in the UK than in the US (hence his tendency to spell words like "colour" with a U), but also has US citizenship which enables him to call himself an American whenever it's convenient. Ultimately he is a cosmopolitan who would rather be loyal to ideas than any nation.

His life thus far has largely been a process of shedding errors. At 14 he learned what an atheist was, and realized that he was one -- a bit like realizing you're gay, only without the sodomy. He went through the obligatory Ayn Rand phase at 16-17, which cured him of his adolescent self-loathing and unveiled the mother of all cognitive dissonances between his individualism and his knee-jerk leftism. Fortunately he soon discovered Henry Hazlitt, who taught him how to stop worrying and love the market and ignited his interest in economics. His newfound understanding of basic economics finally allowed him to reconcile his consequentialist sensibilities with his value of individual autonomy.

At 18 he discovered Karl Popper and Friedrich Hayek, and quickly devoured as much of their work as he could get his hands on. The joint emphasis on the limits of human knowledge by these two philosophers has become the central pillar of his entire worldview. Though neither of them drew this conclusion, he believes that their fallibilist epistemology is very congenial to polycentric law. Other than those aforementioned, his biggest influences include, but are not limited to, W.V.O. Quine, Dan Dennett, David Friedman, and Thomas Barnett.

He reads voraciously, and loves many kinds of music despite not being able to play an instrument or even carry a tune. His other interests outside of philosophy and economics include evolutionary genetics, cognitive psychology, anthropology, information theory and programming. He is a low-key extropian who fancies himself a Renaissance man but is really just a dilettante.

You can reach him by e-mail or on GoogleTalk at matt dot mcintosh at gmail dot com.

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