Mountain of Awards

Brokeback Mountain is getting so many Oscar award nominations tomorrow night because its two main lead characters are homosexual men. Replace one of the men with a woman - keeping the same script, same direction, same production - and this film recieves mixed reviews, is blandly referred to as a "chick flick", does so-so at the box office, and would already be collecting dust on the Blockbuster Video shelves.

There. I said it.

[Standard disclaimer: I am completely and entirely in favor of gay rights and despise homophobia, but it's of my humble opinion that the above hypothesis regarding the film is true]

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i think Zarqawi is right,

i think Zarqawi is right, freedom of speech is not the issue, it's that what is regarded as "sacred" has changed. Before Jesus was sacred. now homosexuality, Jews/holocaust, and race are sacred. You gay people can all go home now; you aren't special, and you don't deserve special rights.

I think this is probably

I think this is probably true, but it still doesn't really explain why the movie got so much attention. There are hundreds of gay movies out there. It's a whole category on NetFlix. What's so unique about Brokeback?

FXKLM -- Marketing.

FXKLM -- Marketing.

Gadfly: You gay people can

Gadfly: You gay people can all go home now; you aren’t special, and you don’t deserve special rights.

I'm sorry, but I must have missed what "special rights" I'm getting out of Brokeback Mountain being nominated for a pile of Oscars.

I keep checking my mail every day, but I haven't gotten my "Brokeback Mountain" check yet...

And if "The Color Purple"

And if "The Color Purple" had been about Donald Trump and Martha Stewart, then no one would have seen it or given it any awards either.

What's your point?

I'mg going to go ahead and

I'mg going to go ahead and say you're right in a sense- replace one of the men with a woman and you've got an average movie. However, the man being a man is important for non-political reasons which is why I'd say that while your basic point is correct, your larger point misses the mark.

This movie plays off the age old "lovers torn apart by circumstance" script. It's been used very well in Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story and countless other movies. The problem is finding a plausible scenario that keeps lovers apart; something so serious (like being the children of rival gangs, ala R & J) yet still believable in a contemporary setting. Many mildly above average movies try and do this but struggle because the circumstances don't feel dire enough- Say Antyhing had a couple torn apart by a protective father, but it's not so tragic when you consider that all Lloyd Dobbler had to do was look for a career other than kickboxing. Two Gay Men in Wyoming however seems an imminently believable star-crossed lover scenario, however- they are victims of circumstance nearly as much as any two lovers can be. That's why the movie works so well, and why it would be far less effective if it featured only heterosexuals.

I wonder how it would have

I wonder how it would have fared if they were lesbian cowgirls.

Honestly, it's not like a

Honestly, it's not like a romance flick has never won an Oscar before. It was hardly poorly acted, Heath Ledger's turn does deserve recognition, the cinematography was beautiful and the script sparse, based off of a short story with huge literary recognition (and merit, in my opinion.) Doesn't sound that odd an Oscar choice to me compared to, God, I don't know, "Cinderella Man" or something.

You know, I'm really tired

You know, I'm really tired of hearing how Brokeback is universal. No, it isn't, and that's why you can't put a female in for one of the male leads. Heterosexual love wasn't forbiden in 1960s Wyoming, but guess what kind of love was. That's why the film was interesting.

  Replace one of the men

  Replace one of the men with a woman...

Hell, replace 'em both with women and I'd go see it.

Matt, John: Great points,

Matt, John:

Great points, and I actually do agree. I probably didn't word my post very well. :sad:

It certainly can't be just described as 'simply a love story', as I've heard so many people describe it as such. It shouldn't be viewed as a regular well-written love story and - oh - the lead characters just happen to be gay. The homosexual angle is why it gets the buzz, especially given the social context of the film's time period.

That said, I thought it was well done and is certainly an above-average film, but I'm not sure it's Oscar-sweep worthy.

Not sure why you included a

Not sure why you included a disclaimer. It's quite unnecessary with the quality of readers we have here.

i work with about a 30/60

i work with about a 30/60 mix of gay/lesbian-straight co workers, and the only people who really 'tittered' about the movie were liberals(gay and straight, and yes there ARE gay conservatives), not anyone who i would desribe as blue collar or conservative had anything even remotely good to say, and these are movie makers and work in film all day long. its an average 'fantasy' movie, with a twist. nothing more. lets get over it.:???:

From what I understand,

From what I understand, Brokeback fortunately fared pretty well in the heartland states, confusing some initial analysts who thought the film would completely flop in the red-hued states between the coasts.

Turns out the movie had modest success tonight at the Oscars, but not the wallop some were predicting. Crash won for Best Picture.

I don't think he was

I don't think he was "tittered," but Michael Medved gave it a very positive review. Aside from the technical merits, he praised it for its depiction of the destructive effects of the men's relationship on their respective marriages and for not being the "Rah-rah, homosexuality!" movie the media made it out to be.

I only saw the bunny version, so I'm not sure whether that's an accurate characterization.

"I wonder how it would have

"I wonder how it would have fared if they were lesbian cowgirls."

As do I. Frequently.

another thought: would

another thought: would anyone have cared or even went if it were two obese pimply faced gay men? just wondering.:???:

what i got sick of is the

what i got sick of is the fact that the damn movie was so frequently lauded as a "masterpiece" and "groundbreaking" c'mon! Even taking into consideration matt27's point about the larger picture of the movie. Much of the media praise was done solely due to a political bias, and would not be there if it were about a man and a woman, even if one could conceive of believable circumstances for the danger of their romance.