Harry Browne, 1933-2006

Via Lew Rockwell comes news that Harry Browne has died. I'm not terribly familiar with his work, but I read and enjoyed How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, and I heard him speak once during the 2000 election season. It was on that day that I first began to see the madness of a system that would give us George W. Bush and Al Gore as "serious" candidates while treating a man like Harry Browne as a "joke".

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I voted for him for

I voted for him for president. I wish the LP was consistent however. The last candidate was some nut who lrefused to get a drivers license because the government handles them. Like he wouldn't need one were the roads run by private companies.

I've voted for the libertarian candidate several times but I am not going to vote libertarian again unless they run a candidate that is more sensible on immigration, and security.

It was the corruption in the

It was the corruption in the campaigns of Andre Marrou and Harry Browne that persuaded me that the Libertarian Party was subject to the same problems as any other political party, including wingnuttery. Liberty magazine exposed a lot of the shenanigans (like Perry Willis' conflict of interest in secretly working for the Browne campaign prior to his winning the nomination, while simultaneously working for LP national HQ). I pointed out Browne's Scientology connection here:

My last vote for an LP candidate for president was in 2000, when I voted not for the national LP candidate, Browne, but for the LP candidate on the ballot for president in Arizona, L. Neil Smith.

I heard him talk at

I heard him talk at FreedomFest a couple years ago. It was all platitudes, no substance, clearly a man focused on inspiring rhetoric rather than ideas. Of course, that's just what you expect from people interested in politics, so it's no surprise.

Of course, that's just what

Of course, that's just what you expect from people interested in politics

Well no kidding... When you are trying to build up steam...ie. POLITICAL pressure....to make change, you need to talk in terms that are most easily digested by the masses. Harry Browne was an exceptional communicator, who distilled complex libertarian philosophy in easy to understand, easy to embrace soundbites. There are countless libertarians, myself included, who would never have given libertarian ideas a second thought had it not been for Harry Browne.

I agree with Jason, and

I agree with Jason, and probably you do as well Patri: The political process is one where politicians are encouraged to oversimplify complex issues, often injecting their own dishonesty and contributing to corruption and voter irrationality. Harry Browne struck me as someone who oversimplified in a good way, a way that made libertarian ideas easier to grasp. His passing is certainly a tragic event (although it does make me wonder: If Lew Rockwell, Radley Balko, Thomas Dilorenzo, Bryan Caplan, or other well-known libertarians died what kind of reaction would they get?).